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Pest Control Spokane | Washington Pest Control | Pest Control WA

While it’s important to keep insects from destroying your lawn and landscape, it’s also imperative to keep them out of your home to ensure a healthy environment.  Our state-certified technicians at Lilac Landscape Management pest control Spokane provide customized pest control programs for ants, spiders, flies, wasps and rodents.

Pest Control Spokane | Washington Pest Control
Perimeter Pest Control

Lilac Landscape Management’s perimeter pest control program is a quarterly service which establishes an insect shield around your home.  This shield drastically reduces the number of insects that can get into your home by targeting them where they live:  in the mulch, shrubs, and ground cover around your home.  Let our team of experts keep critters from invading your living space.

Pest Control WA
Inside Pest control

If insects have already made their way into your home, the only thing you’re probably thinking about is getting them out.  Our professionals at Lilac Landscape Management pest control WA have the experience and the best products to put an end to your infestation.  Our state-certified technicians adhere to all laws regarding the use of pesticides and will protect your family and your pets in the safest and most effective way possible.

Exterminator Washington

At Lilac Landscape Management, our professionals will design a pest management program just for you.  No more cookie-cutter pest control.  Our experts will come to your home, diagnose your specific problem, locate the pests and eradicate them in the most safe and effective manner.  We want to preserve the sanctity of your home.

Spokane Pest Control | Pest Control Idaho
Insect Control

State-certified technicians at Lilac Landscape Management want to keep insects from bugging you in the privacy of your own home.  We’ll devise a customized Spokane pest control program to deal with all kinds of insects including ants, spiders, flies and wasps.

Pest Control Washington | Pest Control In Washington
Rodent Control

Pests are not limited to those critters with six or more legs; rodents can also wreak havoc on your home.  Lilac Landscape Management technicians specialize in pest control in Washington and know the most effective way to get rid of the mice and rats that can endanger your living space. Rodents can bite, carry harmful diseases and contaminate food.  Let us help you take back your home from these pests.

Pest Control In WA
Traps & Baits

Traps and baits are some of the methods Lilac Landscape Management experts use to control four-legged pests in and around your home.  Using them can be dangerous, so let our state-certified technicians, who are versed in the law and the practice, do the job for you so you can take back your home.

Idaho Pest Control
Service Area

Our expert pet control extends to these areas:  Spokane, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, Coeur D’Alene, Hayden, Post Falls.

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