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Washington Tree Service | Tree Service WA | WA Tree Service

Your trees and shrubs are an expensive and important part of your landscape.  Our experts at Lilac Landscape Management offer a Washington tree service that will take care of all your landscape needs.

Washington Tree Service
Customized Programs

Our experts at Lilac Landscape Management will work with you to provide the best Washington tree service possible.  We’ll devise customize programs to ensure stronger, healthier, more beautiful trees and shrubs that you can appreciate for years to come.

Tree Service WA

Our comprehensive service plan at Lilac Landscape Management tree service WA includes fertilization to help your trees and shrubs grow strong and beautiful and stay that way in the years to come.

WA Tree Service
Disease control

Have you noticed spots on your tree’s leaves or lack of blooms on your ornamentals?  Our professionals at Lilac Landscape Management WA tree service can control tree and shrub disease.  We’ll customize a program just for your landscape to ensure it stays healthy and beautiful.

Washington Tree Experts
Deep Root Feeding

Deep root feeding is an essential part of caring for your trees and shrubs.  It’s a process in which a fertilizer is injected into the trees’ root at a high pressure, alleviating compaction and other problems.  It provides nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium along with many other nutrients to ensure your trees and shrubs grow strong and healthy.

Spokane Tree Service
Tree Injections

Another important tool our experts at Lilac Landscape Management Spokane tree service can use is tree injection in which chemicals are injected directly into the sap stream of trees.  This technique can be used for controlling insects, fungus, bacterial diseases and for nutritional supplementation.

Washington Tree Service
Landscape Bed Weed Control

Lilac Landscape Management’s landscape bed weed care program eliminates the hassle of pulling weeds and gives you time to enjoy your landscape.  This highly popular program consists of pre-emergent applications, follow-up visits, and includes curbside weed control.

Washington Tree Service
Service Area

Our expert pet control extends to these areas:  Spokane, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, Coeur D’Alene, Hayden, Post Falls.

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